Health Maintenance Advantage, PLLC was founded in 2019 to optimize the benefits of Professional Nursing Collaborations with Physicians, Hospitals, Medical Groups, Clinics, Health Plans and other Health Care Providers to engage in teamwork for the improvement of patient outcomes and to lower healthcare cost.

Our Vision:

To be instrumental in the transformation of healthcare by engaging in real time monitoring, supporting and providing an improved health literacy and to provide support at the time needed. In turn, increasing quality of care, improving quality of life, enhancing patient and care-giver satisfaction.

Our Mission:

To maintain Best Practices in providing best care for optimal outcomes.

Our Culture:

A common thread with the health care community for the true passion of caring for others.

Our company’s culture is one of respect for not only the diversified clients we serve, but also for each other as diversified professionals. We hold each other professionally accountable for the quality of work we do each and every day and for the quality of care we provide for each and every client.

Health Maintenance Advantage, PLLC is an engaged participant with the American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association. This relationship further enhances our ability to stay abreast of the most current and best practice information regarding the health conditions we address and to offer our support to the treatment plan the medical professional has prescribed.